Trade Show Munich - Research & Results 2018 -
Our booth about Séissmograph 2018 "The mystery of consumers' nocturnal activities"

First steps in qualitative market research –
Hands-on "International Students of University Mannheim visited Séissmo"

Unser Seminar: "Projektive Techniken mit Collagen"–
Our training event: "collage techniques"

Unser Seminar: "Strategien der Wahrheitsfindung"–
Our training event: "Truth and Lie detection"

Foerster und Thelen







Katrin Streich is a criminal psychologist and a former police psychologist for the Office of Criminal Investigations (operations in the Special Forces department/ profiling team in the Behavioral Analysis Unit), specializing in lie detection, specially trained in forensic linguistics and in developing interrogation strategies.

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