Susanne Faber: The energetic smile

Susanne holds an MSc in International Management and Marketing from the University of Mainz, as well as a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Frankfurt. Susanne is German and has always been passionate about different cultures and countries, especially Scandinavia. Susanne has lived in Norway, Oslo and Bergen, and has a broad understanding of the Scandinavian way of life. She speaks fluent Norwegian and English.

Susanne decided to enter the world of market research as she has always had a keen interest in understanding, communicating with and learning about the different thinking and behaviours of people from different backgrounds. She started working at Séissmo during her graduate studies as a trainee and is now a full member of our team. Her master thesis which Susanne developed during her traineeship was about Luxury Brand Management. Susanne is not only positive and smiling, but also very enduring: for her it is no problem to travel and she manages a high number of in-depth interviews (be they ethnographic or semi-directive) for several days in a row, while still maintaining a balanced mood!


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