Sophie Leme Almeida: The connected cosmopolite

Sophie has an Arts and Literature education and holds a Master’s in Management and Marketing from the Business School of Rouen, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Languages. Born in France, Sophie also embraces her Brazilian origins.

No surprise that Sophie has a passion for languages! In addition to French, she speaks English, Spanish and some Portuguese. Fascinated by foreign cultures, she has lived in Spain and Canada prior to her moving to Germany.

She has worked in the area of marketing and market research. She has previous work experience in the international food industry, in the publishing sector and has worked for a well-known international market research institute where she has moderated and analyzed an extensive online community. Being as close as possible to the end users and understanding their language are two of her main motivations in choosing this profession.

Additionally, Sophie loves reading novels, especially 19th century English and French literature.


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