Rolf Dobler: The visual eye

Before joining Séissmo, Rolf has clocked up many years of experience in the world of marketing. Rolf already placed special emphasis on marketing during his studies of business administration in Cologne, before he began creating brand names in a branding agency in Frankfurt. His following career moves were product manager for a well-known brand in Hamburg and public relations for a museum in Selb. And after studying to be a copy-writer, Rolf created advertising in advertisement agencies in Frankfurt. He could have become an actor as he excels in reciting Loriot scenes (a German humourist who critically presented the 20th century German society).

Being so close to objects and the meaning people associate with them in their daily life, it is no wonder that Rolf has become our expert in semiotics - the language of signs. He trained under Etienne Dobiecki who was a long-time partner of Séissmo and semiotic expert in Paris. A good observer, Rolf is also a skilled moderator with a great sense of humour and intriguing questions.


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