Natacha Dagneaud is a social scientist with a passion for understanding human needs/ desires and behaviours. Born in France and now living in Germany, Natacha has studied in Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Tel-Aviv, Hong-Kong… and truly feels European. As an entrepreneur, she founded Séissmo back in 2001 and since then has managed it with a team of intercultural researchers from different disciplines in social science.

Natacha graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and holds a Masters in Market Studies and Marketing (IEP Paris) and a Diploma in Political and Social Sciences (Freie Universität Berlin). From 2007 – 2009 she returned to studying at the Kellogg-WHU University where she received her Executive MBA degree.

In 2004, she discovered the structured approaches to creativity and has partaken in several training courses since then (CreaConference in Italy, CréaUniversité in France), as well as CPS (Creative Problem Solving / CEF, Buffalo - USA) and further creativity streams (EACI). She uses creativity techniques to foster new ideas with consumers, with her clients in interactive workshops and with the academic scientific world.

With 20 years of significant work experience, Natacha has written several publications specialized in fundamental research and creativity techniques. She has also been an inspiring speaker at several trade congresses, conferences and international seminars.  As a facilitator she leaves an imprint of energy and emotion.




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