Multicultural diversity and intellectual curiosity

Everyone at Séissmo has a passion – a passion to understand the consumer better and read in-between the lines. The success of the team, however, is not just down to superb qualifications but also a mix of unique individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, with multilingual capabilities and a diverse skill set.

Natacha Dagneaud: The imaginative power

Natacha Dagneaud is a social scientist with a passion for understanding human needs/ desires and behaviours. Born in France and now living in Germany, Natacha has studied in Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Tel-Aviv, Hong-Kong…

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Monique Bruder: the diligent multi-talent

Monique studied German and English literature and linguistics at the University of Mannheim. She has lived abroad in Brisbane and Chicago where she discovered her enthusiasm for American Football as well as a fascination for foreign people and their cultures.

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Rolf Dobler: The visual eye

Before joining Séissmo, Rolf has clocked up many years of experience in the world of marketing. Rolf already placed special emphasis on marketing during his studies of business administration in Cologne, before he began creating brand names in a branding agency in Frankfurt.

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Elisa Guilcher: The emotional rider

Elisa studied Philosophy & Linguistics at Louis-le-Grand and at Panthéon-Sorbonne Université in Paris combined with an education in Sociology & Political Science at Paris-Dauphine University.

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Sophie Leme Almeida: The connected cosmopolite

Sophie has an Arts and Literature education and holds a Master’s in Management and Marketing from the Business School of Rouen, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Languages. Born in France, Sophie also embraces her Brazilian origins.

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