To question products and brands

Brands are a valuable asset – the marketplace is no place for experimentation. Séissmo offers valuable insight into brand identity allowing optimisation of the various marketing mix elements prior to launch, thus providing security in strategic decision making.

Your question might sound like these

  • How has our brand image evolved over the last few years?
  • How does product diversification affect brand image?
  • Which lid shape best conveys the identity of the new pen?
  • How is the new packaging colour going to affect our brand DNA?
  • What information on a yoghurt pot is most important to your target group - fat, vitamins, sugar content, lactose free…?
  • Which aspects of the marketing mix need to be altered in order to launch a European product successfully in China?

We might answer it with the following tools and techniques

Extended group discussions / mini-groups
Nothing is more classical and yet nothing excels as well as this setting, in order to create emotional dynamics, activate thought-provoking discussions and explore all aspects of a marketing question in a 360° manner.

This intimate setting is particularly fitting when your target group is diverse and heterogeneous or simply requires a lot of individual time and attention, allowing for a detailed understanding of both individual and social levels.

Collages, mime, role plays in a group setting
We carefully consider and use several techniques to investigate the consumers’ mind set in depth. Collages made by consumers with our own selected 3D materials and visuals bring for instance a brand DNA to life while role plays with animals or body mime reveal subconscious dimensions.

Bilingual consumer workshops
These are carried out bilingually with consumers from multiple countries and consist of verbal and non-verbal projective techniques to reveal the subconscious. Confronted with other nationalities, consumers tend to better explain what makes their country habits so specific and what the underlying motives are.

Quantitative research
It is useful to combine qualitative research with a quantitative phase in order to validate data. Here, Séissmo cooperates with Statégir GmbH, Mannheim. Stratégir employs specialist tools to simulate POS shelf set-up with a profound expertise in packaging tests.


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