To challenge innovations

Testing innovations in their early stages is a difficult task: most consumers do not want changes and do not demonstrate a lot of obvious needs, especially in saturated markets. Our philosophy in accompanying innovation is to find the “addiction” factor potentially inherent to a new product / system / device / appliance… We want to find out how fast consumers may be able to absorb and incorporate your offering as their own (the so-called assimilation process).

Your question might sound like these:

  • A well-known brand from the frozen aisle can now be found amongst the chilled goods. Is this a small step for the brand and a giant leap for the consumer or the other way around?
  • What should be considered to build the second generation of a recent technical appliance, based on insights derived from the adoption behaviour of lead users?
  • For what reason has the launch of a new product gone almost unnoticed (in terms of sales)?
  • Why does a product which has had long-term success in France flop in Germany?
  • Where are there white spaces for new launches in a crowded and trivialized category?
  • How should the cosmetic section of stationary retail look like in 10 years from now?

We might answer it with the following tools and techniques

Observation of behavioural routines like driving / cooking / shopping…
We are unaware of many recurring actions for this reason they require the neutral observation of a skilled researcher. During observation, we avoid interference and review all sequences afterwards.

Mental representation
The central aim is to explore a “mental map” in order to understand how the innovation is categorised. The innovation has to fit into a specific category, in order for it to be quickly adopted.

Co-Creation with your customers
We develop/ improve ideas in direct simultaneous cooperation with the creative agencies / packaging agencies of the client consumers.

Creative workshops / Idea Generation
Séissmo is also involved in generating ideas and innovations: We offer tools for generating insight-based ideas with consumers and/or clients together with visual translators.


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