About the people we interview

Who really matters?
The people we take on our journey! Of course, facilities have made enormous progress and clients’ observation lounges are spacious and comfortable. But what about the consumers’ side? No remarkable improvements. Sometimes a trade-off to their disadvantage. We are aware that research output is as good as its input – and if we manage to motivate participants, we’ll get better, more valid results.

Emotional engagement
We apply simple but effective methods to interact with and empower our interviewees, who then feel more active and can fully participate. We let them move around, stand, make drawings, create visual mood boards, craft brand landscapes, act with mime, cluster products or logos… We transfer autonomy and raise the climate of trust, based on non-judgmental behaviour. And we avoid stimulus-response games, which can produce non-valid answers with a high risk of rationalization and confabulation.

Higher validity of results
Why should you care about the emotional dynamic and active participation of the interviewees? Because you want to get the most valid results possible. A person fully engaged emotionally in a discussion, encouraged to express him/herself via different types of language will lower all types of inhibition, meaning we’ll all come closer to the deeper truth. Keep in mind: valid results are stable over time. Read our reports years later and you’ll see. You won’t need us to carry out as much research. Maybe difficult to explain to your procurement department, but who knows?

  • “The ladies were beaming as they left your group.”

    lady at the reception desk

  • “Many thanks, you did a great job, and also so much fun.”


  • “It was really interesting, entertaining, the time flew.”



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