About our clients’ needs

Careful listening: Seems trivial? But in times of “no time”, taking the time to listen to our clients and how they approach the question or challenge has become something worth shouting about. This first stage of anamnesis allows us to understand the various issues at stake and make sure everything has been mentioned explicitly.

Crafting and tailoring a research design: Tools and techniques are only useful if practiced for the right purpose and in the right combination. Do you feel lost or confused by the various different methods? We consider tools as they are: a medium, a vehicle, a means to an end. Of course, some sound sexier than others – and here again, various methods become more or less fashionable over time. In the end, looking back over the 20 last years, we’d like to say: Success lies in knowing the right methods to choose. A mix of appropriate and complementary methods that cannot be “pre-packaged” is best to reach a systemic view on the subject. And the final recipe is easy: listen carefully and don’t just believe what people say. Interpretation of results is the key.

Empirical passion: Curious and courageous? Never tried it before? You like slight changes with big effects? Your taste matches ours! When we decide to grab garbage on the streets to really see what people consume or hand out paper and pens to business men on the train platform to anonymously draw their mental images about aging men(’s bodies), we demonstrate our empirical passion.

Confidentiality and trust: Confidentiality is an obvious standard and basic requirement which we absolutely fulfil. If you want to know more about our clients and the industries we work for, we are happy to talk to you. Of course, we understand and respect that some of our contractors do not allow us (or any of their suppliers) to name them. Trust is less trivial and can only be achieved over the years, through common successes and overcoming challenges. We cherish an open dialogue with respect to the integrity of content. We feel truly grateful for the many long-term relationships we have been granted over the years and feel that we are an integral part of many companies. We know that trust needs to be deserved and continuously earned.


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