Qualitative Researchers

Boutique qualitative market research company. Our objective is to carry out in-depth investigations, international research and far-reaching exploration.

Since 2001, Séissmo has successfully conducted over 500 empirical research projects worldwide, the large majority of them in a multi-country context: Germany / France / USA / China / UK / Italy / Spain / Belgium / The Netherlands / Poland / Israel / Russia / Brazil.

International research is in our DNA: multicultural roots and international researchers, transnational research for multinational brands. Our cross-cultural studies help our customers to understand market forces, market trends and strategical shifts, as well as to identify gaps in the market.

Contrary to many of our competitors, we ourselves are able to moderate in many countries and prefer real, personal accompaniment on-site to virtual solutions. This guarantees a constant level of quality as well as best validity and high density of insights (no diffusion or loss of information).

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Going in-depth into all layers and sensing the vibrations on a market is our MISSION: delivering understanding and helping monitor development in consumers’ mind sets.

Qualitative research is a people business: you will have a dedicated research executive by your side. All stages in the project are carried out by in-house trained and experienced full-time researchers with international academic backgrounds.